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 Нова група по салса и бачата за начинаещи всеки понеделник и сряда от 19:00 часа  в клуб Калиенте ( под фонтаните на НДК ). Повече информация +359 898477002





Програма на участието на Мони в Берлин Валентин Уиккенд

Special 3 hour bootcamp in dance fundamentals, designed for latin dancers!
by Moni Streetsalseros (Sofia).

TICKETS: included in Full Pass, One Style Pass or Master Upgrade.

LEVEL: open level

"Latin dances got us so quickly fascinated with partner work combinations, turns, intricate arms assemblages, lifts and other tricks. So, we immediately started learning/teaching them without asking ourselves - is there anything else before that, are there any fundamentals? After one or two years some of us start asking ourselves questions:

... why some dancers look better than other?
... what is the right position of body, arms and fingers?
... how to create soft connection with the floor?
... how to shift your body weight and transition between toes, balls, and heels?

I have been dancing salsa more than 16 years, practicing yoga and Tai Chi more than seven and classical ballet almost nine years. 2014 I graduated from university as a classical ballet teacher. I was always searching for the answers of my questions and the truth about the best dancers. After 15 years I finally found something, but yet I understand I cannot teach you to do it. The only thing I can do is to share my experience with you within the 3 hours we have, so you can see it, understand it and use that knowledge. I will not keep anything for me, will reveal all and will be ready to answer all your questions.”
- Moni


- Stepping technique
- Natural salsa rhythm of your body
- Horizontal lines: knee, hip, ribcage, chin, head, arms
- Hip isolation: side to side, forward and back, figure eight
- Ribcage isolation: side to side, forward and back, circles
- Shoulders isolation
- Correct way to rotate
- Connection between ribcage, shoulders and floor.
- A simple way to learn body rolls in 5 minutes
- Body roll: basic, reverse, side to side, with circles
- Body rolls and horizontal lines
- Waist circles
- Vertical lines: basic for pirouette, triple turn, chest up
- Right and left turn: stepping technique, side to side, with body rolls
- Outside and inside turn: stepping technique
- How floor connection reflects upon your leading and following
- Preps: for turns, for the overall body isolation
- Connection between arms and ribcage
- How and where to situate your arms
- Elbows isolation and circles
- Wrists: the key of beautiful arms
- Six phases of the opening of arms
- Opening the arms with body movement
- Opening the arms and the turns
- Position of the fingers
- Breathing moment etc.


20:30 - 21:30 Dance Fundamentals Part I

FRIDAY 10.02.
20:30 - 21:30 Dance Fundamentals Part II

20:30 - 21:30 Dance Fundamentals Part III


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